Karin Blaine circa 2015 Whidby Island

One time in Boston I banished you to the front hall closet
And convinced myself I hated you
And wanted to have a baby more
So I tried that.

For five years you waited quietly
Shut up in your case
Amongst the drab winter coats 
Confident I would return

The baby didn’t happen
But I did see Jimi play at Monterey
In a documentary on TV and saw
Another way that love could be

It has to do with enormity 
Like Jimi’s hands or a gift’s demand
To surrender and pay whatever the cost
No matter the sum

And wreck your life if need be
In a fire of feedback and fuzz tones
Fueled by the flame of a fierce artistry
Hotter than the sun

I hung an orange feather boa 
Like the one Jimi wore in California 
Around my neck 
Opened the closet door and took you in my arms.